Book: Path of Promise A Journey of Miracles $15.99

A thought-provoking, inspirational book for anyone interested in expanding their streams of consciousness to help them live a better life. It may read like a mystery novel; but, it’s a true story—the author’s own. Influenced by her youth, Norine’s journey begins upon a miracle request. She finds “old world” thoughts and traditional religious practices blend into the realm of more modern day spirituality with miracles resulting. Nature, animal messengers, and her own cat actually help keep her going, along with those from the other side. All it took was more perseverance and faith than she ever thought possible. You’ll wonder, laugh and cry along the way as this mystical path unfolds and keeps you guessing until the very end.

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CD: Journey Into the Knowing  $15 (includes shipping & handling in US) Contact Norine directly to arrange purchase.

This is a 30 minute guided meditation utilizing hypnotic technique, along with color and sound therapy, to take you through your energy systems to balance your body, mind & spirit.

Embark on this remarkable journey and allow the words and images to resonate with your total being. Listen to it regularly and find yourself emerging into the person

you were always meant to be…balanced, whole and complete.

This wonderfully relaxing audio experience is filled with positive messages, affirmations and suggestions for the body, mind and soul. Plus, it provides you with the perfect format to go within yourself, to be still and receive your own messages…since that’s where the real answers are found–within you! So, sit back, relax and transform!