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The following is a sampling of workshops and classes. They vary in time from 1 hour to all day. Other topics are available upon request and workshops can be customized for your particular group…just ask, and something can be designed specifically for you.

  • Your Treasures & Gifts
  • Mental Origami—Transforming Fear to Faith
  • Self Hypnosis
  • Stress Management
  • Taking Care of You—a Retreat for Better Well-Being
  • Finding Your True Self
  • Awakening Levels of Consciousness
  • Your Spiritual Compass: Expand Your Horizons
  • In With the New: Your Desires & Intents
  • Take Heart & Embrace Love
  • Make Way for Miracles
  • Bring on the Joy!

Contact us for further information any of the above workshops or to customize a program for your group!

Currently Scheduled Events:

WHAT:  ” 20-20 I Can See Clearly Now!”

The beginning of a new year always brings a sense of hope, with a fresh start, and 2020 is bound to be an interesting year…There is spiritual significance to it (come find out why), so putting things in place at the get-go will only help…in divine ways.

In this workshop you will get the chance to take pen to paper and write out your desires and goals for the year. Then, with guided meditative time, you will review and revise accordingly. Additionally, more guided visioning will take place as you begin to move into the new year ahead. It’s a powerful, yet gentle way to go about stepping into the new year with heart and soul, to help you align for your highest good in 2020. 

WHEN: Saturday January 11, 2020  10:00-11:30am  Cost: $20    

WHERE: The Qi Gong Institute 595 Blossom Road Suite 307 Rochester, NY 14610***


WHAT:  “Continue the Ride with Spirit as Your Guide”

Whether you attended the January 2020 workshop or not, hop aboard on February 29th to move forward this year with more clarity for better outcomes along your life path.

Find out how to tune-in with more Heart & Soul to align for your highest good. And, find out why “8” is so great!

After some creative guided visioning meditation time, you’ll walk away with a greater sense of well-being and healing. Plus, you’ll get simple visual cues to help reinforce positive thoughts each day.

WHEN:  Saturday February 29, 2020  10-11:30am   (Also @ the Qi Gong Institute***)

COST: $20 (Includes a download or CD copy of the meditation)


WHAT:  “Spring Forth with Your Angels”

This workshop gets a little nod from above, with love! Come hear about angelic encounters & find out what you can do to request & encourage angels to assist you here on earth, with you day to day endeavors and special needs.

It’s a perfect way to add to your toolbox of what you can utilize to help your 2020 path unfold in divine & gracious ways. In addition to learning about angels–those on earth & those above–you will get to participate in a guided visioning mediation.

WHEN:  Saturday March 21, 202  10-11:30am  (Also @ the Qi Gong Institute***)

COST:  $20 for this uplifting event includes a download or CD copy of the meditation!

***Must contact Norine directly @ or call 520-289-6051 to preregister.