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The following is a sampling of workshops and classes. They vary in time from 1 hour to all day. Other topics are available upon request and workshops can be customized for your particular group…just ask, and something can be designed specifically for you.

  • Come On Get Happy
  • Your Treasures & Gifts
  • Mental Origami—Transforming Fear to Faith
  • Self Hypnosis
  • Stress Management
  • Taking Care of You—a Retreat for Better Well-Being
  • Finding Your True Self

Contact us for further information any of the above workshops or to customize a program for your group!

Scheduled Events: Fall/Winter 2018:

Must preregister by contacting Norine Passero @ 520-289-6051 or

Out With the Old (Say Goodbye to 2018!)

Saturday December 29, 2018 from 10:15-11:15am (check-in & get settled at 10am); Cost: $10.

Where: The Qi Gong Institute 595 Blossom Rd. Suite 307 Rochester, NY 14610

It was quite a year for a lot of people, with things they’d like to let go of, or not experience again! But, depending on how you approach it, some of the things could boomerang back. So, in this solution-focused workshop, you’ll get to experience a lovely, kind way of saying goodbye to 2018, with a ritual to properly close out the year…and how appropriate that it’s even being held on the last quarter of the moon for the month and year! You’ll get walked through, and guided with a meditative process to do so. Materials will be supplied.

So, get ready for the start of the New Year with a clean slate, by letting go of the old. It’s the equivalent of cleaning out your closet and getting rid of things that are tattered, worn out, or just not what you like anymore, so you can fit in the new things you’d rather wear!

Awakening Levels of Consciousness

Saturday January 12, 2019 10am-1pm Cost: $60 if registered by Dec 31, 2018, $75 after 

Where: The Purple Door 3259 Winton Rd S Rochester, NY 14623

A New Year can mean New Awakenings for your health, happiness & well-being and this workshop can be a great way to kick it all off in 2019!

Often times we go about things in life with our known, but limited internal resources. In this workshop, you’ll gain a better understanding of the various levels of consciousness within…and how that can mean discovering more of what you need to accomplish things, or simply have a more fulfilling life experience. So, we’ll discuss and experience how to awaken the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious mind. Part of the experience will include a relaxing, affirmative hypnosis session.

Additionally, you’ll learn how the physical, mind, heart and soul aspects factor into creating and allowing what you desire, and for your life’s direction. We’re all unique and at various places along our path, so different things work best for different people…and at certain times in their life.

It can be complicated; but, let’s make it simpler for you, beginning now in 2019!
You’ll even get a worksheet to help you move forward in the best way.

First Saturdays Series”

Each will fall on the first Saturday of the month and run from 10:15-11:15 am (check-in @10)
Cost is $140 for all 6 or $25 for each. Includes a download/recording.
Where: All will be held @ The Qi Gong Institute 595 Blossom Rd. Suite 307 Rochester 14610


January 5, 2019:  In With the New (Your Desires & Intents for 2019)

In this mini workshop you’ll have the opportunity to bring in the New Year on a good note. You’ll learn how to go about mapping out your desires for the best results, and experience a hypnotic session to put it in place, as well.

February 2, 2019:  Take Heart & Embrace Love

Everyone always thinks of romantic love when they think of the month of February and Valentine’s Day. However, love has a much deeper meaning and is universal. It’s the basis for all relationships, including the one with ourselves. This mini workshop will help you to tap into more love and embrace it for all aspects of your life. A creative, guided meditation is included.

March 2:  Make Way for Miracles

We’ve all heard the old religious stories that involve the number 40. It’s a powerful number, so it’s no wonder. But, in today’s contemporary world we can still look to it for our own miracles, whether we are traditionally religious or the more eclectic, spiritual type.

In this mini workshop, we’ll take a look at and explore the Divine connection of the superconscious mind. Miracles are always present and in the making; so, why not find ways to make room for them in your life more readily? We’ll start today and put something in place with hypnotic prayer. Then, you can take the next 40 days to come into alignment with it.

April 6:  Bring on the Joy

There’s happiness and then there is joy, which is a deeper concept and connection. Come find out more and let’s use your creative mind—subconscious and superconscious—to bring it on. This mini workshop is perfect timing to get into position for all the things that will be springing up in the upcoming season of new growth.

May 4:  Your Spiritual Compass: Expand Your Horizons

This mini workshop will pull concepts from traditional Native American culture and old school Catholic Mysticism, and combine it with modern day mind dynamics to help enhance your life. Wow! Who knew it could all intersect and provide you with a tool for your own personal growth and development and spiritual awakening?!

June 1:  Embrace the Grace

“‘Twas grace that set us free,” as the song goes. Need I say more? Come experience this powerful mini workshop…a terrific place to be at the mid-year point of 2019 so that you can have a truly joyful summer!